Pickup Height Adjustment

Once you remount and restring ... 

1) Adjust the pickup to where it TOUCHES the bobbin ... at both string 1 and 6.

2) Lower each side ... a half turn at a time  till the strings clear the bobbin. 

3) Plug into your amp at the volume/tone setting you are used to.

4) Turn the volume and tone pots fully clockwise (on full).

5) Bar at the 12th fret and strum.

6) You will probably "bottom out" ... so bring each side down a 1/2 turn.

7) Strum again

8) Repeat until you stop bottoming out ...  

9) Put the bar on string 1 (treble string) at fret 15. Normal playing "pressure".

10) Play this string ... You should hear an "unpleasant harsh treble sound" ... if not you have gone too far down ... bring it back up till you get those wierd harsh overtones.

11) Now bring it down ... till they stop and that string produces a powerful yet clean signal.

 12) Do the same for string 6 ... except keep it barred at fret 12.


There is your "12 step program" .. ha, ha. 

 Looking under ... you should be about 1/3 from the pole pieces and 2/3 from the underside of the magnets.

This is your most powerful, harmonic ladden ZONE. 

Folks that go 1/2 way between the mags and the bobbin are not taking full advantage of this pickup.

Adjust the vol/tone to you preference ... and ENJOY !!!